Eleven Year Old Dies Walking in Snow

The details of the circumstances are still murky, but what is known is shocking enough. On Christmas morning, 11-year-old Sage Aragon along with her brother, Bear, walked away from father Robert Aragon's broken-down car on a snowy highway in Idaho, apparently headed toward their mother's home. Her body was found the next morning at 2 a.m.


Aragon's cousin, Kenneth Quintana, who was with the family, spoke to local news station KMVT:

From the report:

"According to Quintana the car got stuck on the road around 9 on Christmas morning, shortly after turning off Highway 75. He says it was their understanding that the children’s mother would meet them halfway on Magic Road. Quintana says Robert Aragon originally didn't let the children leave when the car got stuck.

"According to Quintana, the two children started walking around noon towards their mother's home. Quintana says that's when he started walking back to Highway 75 to get the car unstuck while Aragon stayed with the car."

But court documents revealed that Aragon told officials that he dropped the kids off that morning. Strange. It's a terribly tragic story, and we can only hope for eventual justice. Aragon's preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 7th.

Rest in peace, Sage.

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