Can You Solve the Math Problem Given to a Dyslexic Kid That's Stumping the Internet?

Math homework
Helping your kids with homework isn't always easy, and sometimes it can feel like something worthy of a celebration when you can figure out the answers -- especially in your least favorite subjects. But when one mom was assisting her third grader with finishing her evening assignments, they were both equally stumped over a math question.


The mom explained on Reddit that her daughter has severe dyslexia and goes to a private school that specializes in her learning disability. And yet the kids were asked to figure out how many marbles Janell has -- without stating in any way how many she lost. Seriously:

Math homework

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"This is my daughter's 3rd grade math at a private school for severe dyslexia. All her numbers transpose. So it isn't as advanced as most 3rd graders," she commented. "If someone can answer this correctly, my child will be done with her homework!!"

Reddit thread

Reddit threadReddit threadSince folks everywhere have been left scratching their heads over how a child could possibly come up with a correct answer, the anonymous mom let her girl answer truthfully: with a question mark. "I allowed her to deduce her own answer and it was a question mark. I think, considering she's a double deficit dyslexic, that she gave a great answer, so I chose not to confuse her anymore than need be," she wrote.

Which is a great tactic, because we adults are seriously confused too!

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