11 Times Kids' Halloween Costumes Were Legitimately Terrifying

scary halloween kids costumes

Most kids see Halloween as a day to dress up like their favorite superhero or princess and gather up all the sugar their little arms can carry. But some children love all things dark and spooky, and for them, Halloween is the chance to go all out with a costume that makes the other kids (and some parents) seriously scared. Whether you're looking for inspiration for your own horror-loving minion, or just want to be warned of what might be walking the streets this Halloween, here are a few really freaky costumes kids have worn to go trick-or-treating.

  • Everyone thinks twins are the cutest, until they decide to be the twins from "The Shining" for Halloween.

    If they were my kids and they said Redrum even once I'd be sleeping in the basement.

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  • A lot of girls want to dress like a princess on Halloween. So did she. She's a princess alright. A zombie princess.

    So pretty, yet so horrifying. 

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  • The demon child is not pleased.

    He saw you take that peanut butter cup. 

  • Nope. Just nope.

    You're happily handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, loving all the adorable costumes. The bell rings and this is waiting for you on the other side? That light's going out for the rest of the night.


    I'm not sure what that thing is or if it's even human but I do think that even looking at the photo too long could invite evil spirits, so let's keep it scrolling, yes?

  • Don't tell it "You're grounded."

    I know it's just makeup, but it's like the grumpy soul of a tween has been perfectly personified. 

  • You'll float too.

    When your child says he wants to be a clown for Halloween, surely this isn't what you have in mind.

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  • Please don't eat me.

    I will give whatever this snakechild is all of the candy in my bowl if it will kindly get off of my lawn without killing me first.

  • Every mom's worst nightmare.

    I don't know if I should look away or find this boy and run him to the ER. 

  • Hey there, tiny Hannibal Lecter.

    On the one hand, this costume is terrifying. On the other hand, kudos to the parents for coming up with a Halloween costume that helps them know where their kid is at all times.

  • Head in a jar? Yup, that's nightmare fuel right there.

    We're sure this kid was a hero among his friends for such a creative costume. But for a parent, the idea of your child's head being separated from his body is enough nightmare fuel to last for months.