26 Times Kids' Homework Assignments Turned Embarrassingly Rated R

Genny Glassman | Nov 16, 2018 Big Kid
26 Times Kids' Homework Assignments Turned Embarrassingly Rated R


Getting kids to do their homework is a chore in and of itself. One expects there to be questions they don't know how to answer, dozens of spelling mistakes, and maybe even times when mom and dad can't figure out the solution to a problem. But what to do when a child goes rogue and answers the questions in an *ahem* "explicit" way? Not on purpose, of course, but there is always that one child who doesn't quite know how to spell "clock." While it is hysterical if mom or dad catches it in time, should they miss it, they could have a lot of explaining to do at the next parent-teacher conference. 

There have always been kids who have some "interesting" interpretations of mops, scissors, and what it looks like to be sprayed with a water gun (LOL). The difference now is that parents and caregivers all have cellphones and social media to keep track of every hilarious thing their kids write down. And some of the things they come up with are ... pretty hilariously inappropriate. 

Truly these are all cases of kids say the darnedest things, and hey, everyone has to be really bad at spelling and drawing until they get good. These X-rated flops are the internet's gain! Check out these amazing homework fails which go to show that parents do need to look over a child's homework before it gets submitted. From accidental curse words to anatomically correct drawings, these homework fails are the laugh every parent needs today. but honestly, these homework fails would be too cringey if these kids weren't so cute!


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