15 Halloween-Inspired Science Experiments to Do With Kids

Kelly Ladd | Sep 21, 2017 Big Kid
15 Halloween-Inspired Science Experiments to Do With Kids

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When you take two of kids' favorite things -- Halloween and making a mess -- and then add in a secret science lesson, you're sure to get amazing results. Not only will your children get into the Halloween spirit, but they'll also learn something too. (And that will make the mess worth it!) It's pretty easy to give basic science experiments a Halloween twist. Just add something festive (like pumpkins or bats) or something spooky (like ghosts or disembodied hands) into the ingredient mix, and voilà! It's Halloween-themed.

Need inspiration for combining science and Halloween? Look no further. We've got some killer ideas for making science experiments fit for Halloween season.

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These Halloween science experiment ideas will get kids excited to celebrate, they engage and appeal to their senses -- and some of them result in cool, unpredictable fun. So whether your kids would prefer to melt ghosts, make a jack-o'-lantern erupt, or concoct some slime using actual pumpkin, there's something here they'll love to do!

Best of all, there are chemistry, engineering, and physics lessons hiding in all of these fun experiments. As you're doing them, make hypotheses and talk about what's happening and why. 

Don't be surprised if you learn something, too, along the way. Happy Halloween!

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