New Hatchimals Are Here to Make All Moms Say 'NO, NOT AGAIN!'


Hatchimals. Just the word is enough to send shivers down a parent's spine. Whether you were standing in line for hours hoping to get one, scouring the Internet trying to buy one off someone, or crafting a clever letter from Santa explaining why there wouldn't be one under the tree, these robotic stuffed creatures dominated the 2016 holiday season -- and, much to every parent's horror, Hatchimals are back to do it again this year.


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Spin Master, the brand behind these electronic Gremlins, announced Monday that this year brings the launch of Hatchimals version 2.0, called "Hatchimals Surprise." Unless the surprise is that they're free and they promise there will be enough for every kid who wants one this year, we're treating this announcement the same way our 4-year-old does when he announces there's a "surprise" waiting in the bathroom. 

So far, not many details are being released about the new toys, though hopefully the company addresses some of the issues that emerged after last Christmas when some Hatchimals refused to hatch, leaving parents and kids more upset than if they'd gotten coal in their stockings.

"Hatchimals Surprise are different from any Hatchimals seen before," the company says. Fans can expect "new eggs, a new hatching process, [and] a new species." 

But if your children have been saving their allowance all year in hopes of buying a Hatchimal this holiday season, they may need a loan from the bank of mom and dad. Retail price for a 2017 Hatchimal is $69.99, about $20 higher than last year's model. For that price let's hope it also reminds them to brush their teeth. 

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If you're all about getting your holiday shopping done before Thanksgiving (or if you know you'll never hear the end of it if one of these doesn't make an appearance on December 25), Hatchimals go on presale September 18 -- and Hatchimal Day, which is when people can actually see the new toy that's already giving us stress headaches, is October 6. 

Best of luck to anyone who's Hatchimal hunting this holiday season! 

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