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12 Creative Ideas for Memorable Day Trips With Your Kid

Big Kid Michele Zipp Aug 10, 2017

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We believe taking a quick day trip with your child is a must. This one-on-one experience will allow you to connect in a powerful way, without all the distractions of being at home or with anyone else. For moms with more than one kid, how wonderful would it be to schedule time to take a day trip with each child separately? We have incredible ideas on where to go and how to make the getaway really memorable.

These destinations and activities offer adventure, bonding, and an experience neither of you will forget. There's something for everyone, too -- from camping to shopping.   


1Go for a hike.

When you immerse yourself and your little one in nature, something beautiful happens. It's a calming excursion and one where you can really take time to explore your surroundings. Find local trails, pack lunches, and explore. You can also journal your experience and document what you see on your hike.


2Plan a day around your child's favorite thing.

Maybe your kid loves fire trucks or dolls or race cars or butterflies. Whatever that favorite thing is, create a day around exploring that. For example, if your child loves butterflies, find a local exhibit or fair that focuses on butterflies. Try to find a restaurant that fits in with the theme. Visit a library and look at books about butterflies, too. 


3Visit a nearby town.

Go for a short drive to explore the nearest town (or even a town further away) and visit everything there. Check out the town's parks, sweet treat shops, and restaurants. Stop in the town's visitor center to make sure you know about all the hidden gems.

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4Go to an amusement park.

When you visit an amusement park just you and your child, it becomes a whole different experience. You get to ride the rides with your little one and really get to soak in the excitement that comes from this one-on-one time.

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5Spend the day at a fair.

Some town, somewhere, on almost any given day, is having a fair. Pack up and venture there with your child. Don't forget to enjoy the games and cotton candy. Document it with a visit to a photo booth, too.


6Go on a bike tour.

Many towns have beautiful bike riding trails. Seek them out, make a plan, and spend the day on a bike tour. 


7Experience farm life.

Spending time with animals is certainly a favorite of many kids (and adults). Seek out a nearby animal sanctuary or farm where you can pet and feed the animals. You can also check out farms that have fruits, veggies, or flowers to pick; classes to take; and maybe even dinners to enjoy.


8Head to the big city.

There is so much to explore in a big city, and with only one little person's hand to hold, it can make the experience really incredible. Delve into a big city within driving distance from you, and plan your day trip so you can enjoy all of it.

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9Check out a museum.

Get lost in a museum -- head out to that large one you've wanted to go to even though it's a short drive away. Go early and prepare to spend an entire day, truly taking in all a museum has to offer without feeling rushed. It's the perfect activity for one-on-one time with your kid. 

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10Camp out.

If you truly want to experience nature, camp out. Camping can be such a great experience -- sometimes just setting up the tent together is part of the magical memories you can make. 


11Head to the beach.

When you go to the beach with one child, there is so much less to pack than if you went with the whole family. That's one reason this sort of effortless day trip can be amazing. The chance for bonding at the beach is great -- take in the surf, build a sand castle, and just take in the sun.

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