Boss Baby Party Idea! Espresso and Donuts with Free Printable Ties!


The Boss Baby is an adorable new film that is perfect for family movie night and it makes a great party theme too! I have some adorable Boss Baby party food ideas for you to make your next party or family movie night special, complete with free printable ties to deck them out Boss Baby style!


My kids absolutely LOVED seeing The Boss Baby in theaters and naturally, they've been asking to get it the second it comes out on Blu-Ray! They are so excited that it is available July 25th and they are already busy planning a fun, family movie night for a viewing of The Boss Baby! Of course, I had to pitch in and help them plan and we came up with this fun Boss Baby espresso and donuts idea for our movie night! It's SO easy and super fun too!

Just in case you haven't seen The Boss Baby in theaters, I'll give you a quick lowdown on our favorite family movie!

The Boss Baby features 7 year old Tim Templeton, who finds his parent’s attention lacking upon the arrival of his new baby brother. His baby brother arrives wearing a suit and toting a briefcase and he makes it clear who is in charge! Tim discovers that Boss Baby is on a secret mission pitting puppies against babies in an epic adventure that might just change the entire world! Tim and The Boss Baby team up to work together and conquer the mission.

My kids are super pumped to see the new mini adventure included on the Blu-Ray too!

There is a TON of content included on The Boss Baby DVD and Blu-Ray including the “New mini adventure” that is narrated by Wizzy, the magical wizard from Tim’s alarm clock and LOTS more! I can’t wait to check it out.

Boss Baby Party Idea

Are you ready to plan your own Boss Baby party or family movie night? First, you'll need to grab my free printable Boss Baby ties. Print them off by clicking here: Boss Baby Party Printable

Step 1.) Download the Boss Baby party free printable and print them off. Be sure to select "fit to page" when you print them. They should take up the entire page.

Step 2.) Cut out the ties. Each page includes four ties to fit on a paper lunch bag and 5 ties to fit on a to-go coffee cup.

Supplies you'll need:

  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • white paper lunch bags
  • to-go coffee cups with lids (I found blue cups to match the movie colors at Target)

Step 3.) Use your glue stick to glue the small ties on each to-go coffee cup in front of the spout you drink from.

You can fill them with espresso or coffee for the adults and hot chocolate for the kids!

Step 4.) Open each white paper lunch bag and fold over the top about 1/4" and then fold again with a 1 1/2" flap. Cut from the outside of the flap towards the center on each side to form the points to resemble a dress shirt.

Step 5.) Fill the bags with mini donuts (or popcorn if you prefer!) for a fun The Boss Baby movie snack! In the movie you'll hear Boss Baby ask for an espresso and donuts!! This is the perfect movie-viewing party snack!

Step 6.) Glue the flaps of the bag down and then glue the large bag ties onto the paper lunch bags, centering them in the middle of the bag. It should resemble a white dress shirt and tie.

Set out your Boss Baby party food for your guests and enjoy the viewing of The Boss Baby! Grab your copy on July 25th or pre-order it now on Amazon.

Sarah lives in Minnesota with her husband and their four young children. On Must Have Mom, you’ll find her blogging about cooking, baking, crafting, sewing, and much more!

*This post brought to you by The Boss Baby. All opinions and ideas featured here are 100% my own.



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