Check Out These Boss Baby Viewing Party Ideas

The perfect anecdote to busy days and hot summer weather is a little chill time with the fresh and funny family movie. Get comfy, snuggle up, and get ready to nibble secret-recipe cookies, the perfect viewing party accompaniment. (Thanks to DreamWorks The Boss Baby for a great movie and thanks for sponsoring this post!)


Our pick for our next family movie night is The Boss BabyWe first saw it in the movie theater and are super excited that it’s now available on Blu-ray and Digital HD.

Any household that has ever included a newborn can relate to calling the newest family member “Boss Baby” but I’m sure no family has experienced the hilarious adventures this movie showcases!

When suit-wearing, briefcase toting, big-eyed Boss Baby arrives, seven-year-old Tim concludes he doesn’t want to be a big brother, especially when he no longer gets his share of parental love. But Boss Baby and his secret mission antics capture Tim’s attention and provide Tim with hope that this arrangement might not be permanent—but only if he teams up with the pintsized, powerhouse spy.

And that’s when things get really funny.

A team of miniature undercover spies, winsome puppies, and a scary baby-sitter deliver the hilarious one-liners that keep the movie fresh. A convention of Elvis impersonators is sure to make you laugh, too.

I love knowing the insider lines and back story of a film. And why we are featuring cookies as the perfect viewing party accompaniment!

You can take your viewing party up another notch with these ideas:

  • offer up the most expensive cookie recipe in the world [allegedly ;)] -- perfect for closers
  • serve drinks in coffee mugs
  • dress up in ties (Sam LOVES dressing up!)
  • add office supplies and baby supplies to your serving tray
  • add in a little movie-related merch as a fun gift or favor

I think the talking keychain, available exclusively at Target, makes a fun addition to your viewing. Sam had a great time pushing buttons to select his favorite quotes from the movie -- including "cookies are for closers."

In The Boss Baby one of the characters, baby Jimbo, loves to eat cookies but trying to inspire him to greater action in solving their case, Boss Baby (Alec Baldwin) tells him “cookies are for closers.”

That line is a take-off on a line from another Alec Baldwin character in an earlier movie (Glengarry Glen Ross). Just as in The Boss Baby, Alec’s character is trying to "motivate" the team, only that time the line was “coffee is for closers.” So clever.

I thought the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe would be such a great treat to serve during this movie's viewing party.

As legend/myth goes, the recipe cost a woman $250 to $10,000. Bosses deserve nothing less than the world's most expensive cookie. ;-)

I'm really excited to hear that the special edition Boss Baby disc also includes a new mini adventure narrated by the magical wizard from Tim’s alarm clock. It features battling pirates, outer space, deep sea diving and dinosaur adventure. Sounds like an exciting family mission for summer fun! Pick up a copy of The Boss Baby for your family. You’ll enjoy seeing the characters learn about the value of family,
love, and friendship. You might even laugh, play, and love #LikeABossBaby!

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