7 Family-Friendly Ideas for Quick Weekend Getaways


Even if you’ve already got a major vacation on your calendar for this summer, don’t forget about all the other weekends just waiting to be filled with quick jaunts to fun places in the family car. Here are seven ideas to inspire mini-getaways that will create lasting memories. Get ready to roll down the windows and do the swoopy thing with your hand as we head out on the road! (And don’t forget to use your BuyPower Card whenever you can, so you can earn toward a new GM vehicle to make your next road trip even more awesome.)


1. Got a kid studying state history? This is the perfect opportunity to hit local points of interest, brush up on your own regional knowledge, and earn bonus points with next year’s teacher. Grab a guidebook and you’re on your way. 

2. If the words “treasure hunt” pique your interest, this might be the trip for you: Pull out a map, define a general area as your destination zone, and then let Geocaching.com do the rest. Use the phone app to harness GPS technology and find hidden treasures and points of interest wherever you go! Take a bag of trinkets to trade, and never underestimate the importance of finding the perfect team name.

3. Feeling brave? Try an “anything goes” itinerary. Let the adults pick a route, but then let the kids decide what to stop for along the way. World’s Biggest Ball of Twine? Reptile petting zoo? Pick-your-own-cherries orchard? The random park with the awesome-looking slide? Get used to saying yes.

4. Are there tourist attractions in or just outside your hometown that you’ve never visited because over time they’ve just blended into the landscape? Summer is a great time to pack up the car and hit as many of them as you can. Spend the day at the aquarium, go to the top of the tallest building, ride the historic train, visit the world-class museum, eat at the destination restaurant, or stay in the swanky hotel. With a tourist guide in hand and a BuyPower Card in your pocket, you’re ready to make the most of your city – and your card Earnings, too!  

5. There’s no shame in car camping (vs. hiking to a campsite toting your gear on your back), so don’t let your indoorsy nature stop you from spending a night or two sleeping under the stars, even if you’re surrounded by amenities like an easy-to-assemble, multi-room tent; an inflatable mattress; and all your makeup. S’mores and campfire hair are good for the soul.

6. To plan the weekend trip of your kid’s dreams, follow her kid’s lead. Tap into something your kid REALLY loves -- science or animals or sports or music or whatever else -- and then build an itinerary around that interest. Head for some tide pools or sign up for a sleepover at a planetarium; visit a new zoo and see if you can score a behind-the-scenes tour; plan a day trip to catch the nearest AAA or major league baseball game; or take in a symphony performance at a fancy concert hall one night and then catch a favorite band at an outdoor festival the next day. Your kid will think he’s won the lottery.       

7. To cut down on “Are we there yet?” create your own road-trip-themed scavenger hunt or bingo game packed with tasks to check off on your route. Suit your list to the ages of your kids and your location, and keep things fun and easy -- think “take a family photo of everyone eating ice cream on a bench,” “buy a book from a local indie bookstore,” “take a selfie in front of an important statue,” or “pet a local dog and ask the owner its name.” What better way to teach your kids to enjoy the journey as much as the destination?

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