7 Fun Ways to Stay Active on Vacation


Taking a break shouldn't mean abandoning an active lifestyle, or settling for a boring workout in a hotel gym. These pursuits are a great way to make any trip more physically engaging. Some are free, but you can pay for the others using your BuyPower Card from Capital One, which means that splurging on some active fun will also help you earn towards a new GM vehicle!


Here are our favorite ways to stay active on vacation:

1. Try something new. What better time to test out a new sport? Try paddle boarding in the bay, Zumba on the cruise ship, rappelling in the slot canyons, or perhaps a game of cricket or golf, if they’re new to you? This is the perfect way to take advantage of local amenities, and who knows, you just might discover your new favorite pastime.

2. Run a race. Whether it’s your first 5K or your tenth marathon, signing up for a supported event is a great way to stay active, challenge yourself, and even take home a medal. Bonus points if proceeds from the race go to a good cause.

3. Find something for everyone. Get the whole family involved: rent a surrey to pedal through the park, borrow beach cruisers for the day, go hiking in the hills, kayaking down the canal, or take a pedal boat for a spin around the lake.  

4. Work your hotel. When you check in at the front desk, don’t forget to ask if your hotel offers exercise classes, like morning yoga on the lanai or water aerobics in the resort pool.

5. Tag along. If you’re staying with family or friends, see if you can join in on whatever activities they regularly do: play a pick-up basketball game with your bestie, play a round of racquetball with your brother-in-law, do a drop-in barre class with your mom, or learn tai chi with your grandpa.

6. Take to the streets. Instead of driving a car or taking public transportation, explore your location on foot (or rent a bike). It’s the best way to get a feel for your location and to discover new restaurants, bookstores, shops, and people while also sneaking in a workout.

7. Play with your kids. As tempting as it is to spend the entirety of your vacation from the comfort of a lounge chair, everyone will be happier if you take regular breaks from your breaks to join your kids for a splash in the pool or a game of football in the sand.

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