13 Creative Kids' Portraits Made Amazingly Cool With Sidewalk Chalk

Kelly Ladd | Jul 6, 2017 Big Kid
13 Creative Kids' Portraits Made Amazingly Cool With Sidewalk Chalk

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Crafty Texas Girls

Tired of the same ol' family portraits you get at the mall where everyone is staring at the camera smiling? Us too. Luckily, you can get creative with your family photos by creating a fun sidewalk chalk backdrop for them. The best part: You don't have to be particularly artistic to pull this off.

We've found 13 imaginative ideas and tips to get you started. Use these Instagram-worthy photos as cute holiday cards or special greetings to grandparents. Plus, this project will be a fun memory that you all can create together.

  • Seasonal Sidewalk Chalk Art Portraits


    Get into the spirit of whatever season you're in and create a sidewalk chalk art portrait to celebrate it, like this photo from Coopet Photography. If you don't want your kids' clothes smeared with chalk, be sure to leave a chalk-free space where they can lay down!

  • Sidewalk Chalk Art Portrait Greeting Cards


    Sidewalk chalk art photos like this one from Hip 2 Save are an adorable way to say "Happy Birthday," "I love you," or any other message you may have. Grandparents, especially, will love them. Using props, like the kids in this photo, help the chalk drawing come to life.

  • Family Tradition Sidewalk Chalk Art Portraits


    Create a family tradition and draw sidewalk chalk art for a Father's Day photo or another special occasion. Each year that passes, you'll see how the kids have grown. As Samantha from Crafty Texas Girls suggests, "Choose a spot with even lighting to prevent shadows."

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  • Playdate Fun Sidewalk Chalk Art Portraits


    Here's a fun activity for a playdate: When the kids say they're bored and they've done everything, hand them some chalk and a camera. See what fun ideas they can come up with, like this design from Be Strong, Be Calm, Be Grateful. When they're drawing their designs, tell them to draw the outline first, then color in the shapes.

  • Family Fun Sidewalk Chalk Art Portraits


    Create a wild sidewalk chalk backdrop for a photo as an activity to keep the kids busy and creative over the summer. "Lots of the 'magic' takes place after the photo is snapped. Use photo editing software or a free site like PicMonkey to enhance the chalk art," advises Samantha from Crafty Texas Girls.

  • Movie Magic Sidewalk Chalk Art Portraits


    One idea for a sidewalk chalk drawing is to recreate scenes from your family’s favorite movies, like this Snow White scene by Burgh Baby. If you have costumes, dress up like the characters to make the scene come alive.

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  • Holiday Sidewalk Chalk Art Portrait


    Get festive. For each holiday that approaches, draw a few simple sidewalk chalk designs for the kids to pose with, like this Fourth of July idea from Heart of Deborah. Before drawing, be sure to sweep all the leaves and dirt off the space (like a driveway, back porch, even a trampoline) so your photo is free of unwanted debris.

  • Pet Sidewalk Chalk Art Portraits


    Taking photos of your kids in sidewalk chalk drawings is always fun, but an even more clever idea is using your pet as a model, like Ammon the Dachshund. Of course, you're going to have to use treats to bribe your little buddy to stay still.

  • Birth Announcement Sidewalk Chalk Art Portraits


    Send out a creative birth announcement by creating a sidewalk chalk drawing portrait and incorporate the siblings. Michelle from Burgh Baby advises, "Work in the shade. Hot driveways are no fun for chalk adventures and it's hard to have your eyes open for a photo when you're looking up at the sun." Also, hide a blanket or towel under the baby for padding against the hard concrete.

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  • Personalized Sidewalk Chalk Art Portraits


    Create a photo backdrop showing off your kids' favorite things. If they love superheroes, this design from Coopet Photography is an easy and adorable drawing to create. For aerial shots like this one, standing on a chair isn't always sufficient to capture the entire shot on the frame. Be prepared to use a ladder.

  • Silly Sidewalk Chalk Art Portraits


    Get creative and silly with your sidewalk chalk art portraits like this "Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" idea. As Michelle from Burgh Baby suggests, "Let the kids act as the designers. They come up with the best ideas for chalk adventures."

  • Magical Sidewalk Chalk Art Portraits


    Let your imagination soar when coming up with ideas for your sidewalk chalk drawing. Create a magical world. If you're worried about getting the whole drawing in the shot, Michelle from Burgh Baby advises, "Use a wide-angle lens if you have one."

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  • Name Sidewalk Chalk Art Portrait


    Here's a sidewalk chalk portrait idea shot by Kaia Calhoun Photography that's great for Instagram, especially for your tweens' and teens' feeds. This design is also super-cool as a senior photo. To get brighter chalk colors, dip your chalk in water. You could also use items around your house, such as bowls, etc., as stencils so you can get the perfect circle.

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