Amazing Restaurant Gives Boy With Severe Food Allergies His First Meal Out

boy with food allergies has first meal out
Holly Garrett/Facebook

Parents with children who have food allergies know just how hard it can be to try and enjoy a meal outside the home that doesn't include worrying about how chefs prepare your kid's meals and what ingredients they use. It's a tedious task, which is why people are loving this mom's thank-you to a restaurant that went the extra mile to help a 6-year-old with severe food allergies enjoy his first meal out.


As Holly Garrett mentions in her heartwarming Facebook post to LuLu's restaurant, her son Issac was diagnosed with "multiple life-threatening food allergies" as a baby, which made fast-food adventures and trips to tasty restaurants impossible for this family -- that was, until Holly heard about LuLu's and its ability to cater to patrons with severe food allergies.

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Needless to say, it didn't take this Tennessee family long to hop in the car and drive to this Florida restaurant while on vacation, and they made Issac's very first dining-out experience a wonderful reality.

lulu's restaurant boy with allergies
Holly Garrett/Facebook

"Dear LuLu's, you are looking at a picture of a boy that has never, in his 6 and a half years, been able to order from a restaurant ... ever," Garrett writes in her post, along with an adorable photo of Issac munching on something yummy. She continues:

"I called and talked to the manager, Justin, and he was absolutely amazing. After explaining that there is a complete separate area for cooking the food for food allergic people and the different items you all offered for his allergies, my whole family of 13 people drove the 30 minutes to give it a shot. We were taken care of beyond what we could have ever imagined and my sweet boy, Isaac, had a once in (his) life time experience."

Aww, how sweet!

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As you can imagine, little Issac was so thrilled to enjoy a family meal outside the home that the 6-year-old says was "the best part of his week vacation." 

Since this mom shared her family's experience, other parents with children who have food allergies also chimed in, thanking restaurants like LuLu's for allowing kids with allergies to have the opportunity to enjoy a meal out like everyone else.

"After Isaac was able to eat here, my brother told us about it so we also made the 30 minute drive to check it out," mom Katie Johnson Schmolker wrote in response to Holly's post. After sharing a photo of her 3-year-old daughter, Kendall, enjoying a meal at LuLu's, Katie says she can't thank the establishment enough for going the extra mile.

food allergies lulus restaurant
Katie Johnson Schmolker/Facebook

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"Kendall was so incredibly excited for us to finally go out to eat somewhere as a family," Schmolker writes in her Facebook post. "I've never cried after ordering food until now. This was definitely a highlight of our vacation and possibly our repeat vacation destination simply because of you all making something that so many families take for granted possible for ours."


Unless you've been through it, it's impossible to understand the serious challenges parents of kids with food allergies face at every single meal and snack time. One can only hope that even more restaurants will step up to the plate and consider making a few changes that would cater to families with children who have food allergies, helping them have the fun experience of dining out -- without fear of any health ramifications because of it.

As mom Holly reiterates in her Facebook post, "Thank you from the bottom of my worried mother's heart for giving [Issac] this experience."

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