The 25 Essentials Sports Moms Say They Can’t Live Without

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There’s nothing more helpful than advice from other moms who’ve been in the trenches—those who’ve weathered the tryouts, arranged the carpools, dealt with the coaches, celebrated successes, fought through disappointments, and survived year after year of multiple sports schedules. We asked veteran sports moms to share their favorite tips, time-saving strategies, and sage advice on how to make life easier for you—and your kids—as you navigate the crazy world of kids sports.


1. The number one essential almost every mom mentioned was carpools! Set these up early—and use them religiously! There are even carpool apps that can help you manage the driving and minimize texting many people at once. These include Cozi, Carpool-Kids, and GoKids.                                          

2. And since carpools are so integral, a large minivan or SUV, preferably with room for eight passengers, is a must!

3. Reusable ice-cube sticks for water bottles.

4. Duplicate clean uniforms.

5. Having all uniforms and sports bags clearly labeled with your child’s name and uniform number. When they travel with their teams, it’s impossible to figure out who owns what otherwise.

6. Boxes of snacks and bottles of BODYARMOR Sports Drink in the car at all times. You never know when you’re going to need them!

7. Multiple sunscreens and bug sprays that live in all the cars so that you don’t forget them. And toilet paper. Yep, toilet paper. Don't leave home without it.

8. A phone that you can turn into a wifi hotspot so that you can keep yourself busy with email, Facebook, videos, e-books, bills, work, etc.

9. At times, ear plugs!

10. A sense of humor.

11. Likeminded parents to share the sidelines, tryouts, and the craziness with.

12. A comfy chair and dark sunglasses to hide your napping.

13.  A team app, such as TeamSnap or SI Play. Rosters, parent names, schedule, directions, etc. are all in one spot and they sync to your calendar on the phone...AMAZING!!!

14. A map to the nearest coffee shop for a pick-me-up and a bathroom break.

15. Proper directions to the game!

16. A fully charged phone.

17.  Caring and understanding coaches who also know how to coach.

18. Doing a uniform and equipment check before you leave the driveway.

19. For the love of God, clean bathrooms!

20. Knowing where the second-hand equipment is sold at the end of the year, which is great for getting the next size up in hockey and ski gear, backup uniform pants, lacrosse sticks and pads, golf clubs, etc.

21. Leak-proof water bottles that are easy to clean.

22. A pop-up tent on wheels for summer tournaments when you’re in the sun for 7 to 12 hours. The cover is key.

23. A collapsible wagon to carry all of your gear from the car out to the fields—helps to throw younger siblings into as well.

24. A blanket—to keep you warm and to sit on if the ground or bleachers are damp

25. A huge, cheap tote bag, like the signature blue IKEA shopping bag. It fits anything and everything you need and is easy to clean!

Molly Gregor is a writer and mom of four kids who is most often found at the ice rink.


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