16 Unmistakable Signs You’re a Sports Mom


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There are sports moms—and then there are sports moms. Whether you spend most of your waking hours on the field, at the ice rink, at the pool, or inside the sports center, there’s no denying that certain distinguishing characteristics set you apart from all the other moms. How many can you proudly claim?

  1. You have a sticker on your car boldly displaying your child’s sports team and position and number. Who cares if he’s only five years old and plays six sports. The more stickers, the better!

  2. Your calendar is color-coded according to each kid and each sport. Your activities? Who has time for that? Classes, parties, neighborhood gatherings, hobbies, and any other interests took a back seat years ago.

  3. Your garage has a “sports” corner with cleats in various sizes, bats, balls, sticks, nets, pads, and every piece of equipment imaginable overflowing from containers. No matter how hard you try to keep it manageable, it always looks like a mini explosion took place.

  4. When your turn as “snack mom” rolls around, you knock it out of the park with freshly cut fruit and peanut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free snacks—and cases and cases of BODYARMOR Sports Drink in various flavors. There’s no way they’ll go hungry or thirsty on your watch.

  5. You have your favorite coffee shop app on your phone and check for the closest location at all away games.

  6. Someone forgot their cleats, team jersey, mouth guard, shin guards, or pads? No worries…you have extras, freshly washed, in your trunk.

  7. You have a comfortable collapsible chair (with drink holder!), umbrella, warm blanket, and team jacket monogrammed with your last name always ready to go so that you’re prepared no matter what the weather.

  8. When asked by your son or daughter if you saw their “game-changing” play, you always say “yes,” even if you were catching up on the latest gossip regarding the coach or arranging the next team dinner with the other moms. You then relive the moment in the car, with your athlete detailing his or her every move.

  9. You’ve perfected dinner on the go with premade meals in plastic containers, a fully stocked cooler with sports drinks, and disposable plates—not only for the kid who has a practice or game, but for all of your other little ones in tow. And maybe, just maybe, you’ve been spotted in the fast-food drive-through when truly desperate. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone!)

  10. You have an emergency stash of toilet paper (and wipes) in the glove compartment just in case you need to make a pit stop—for you or the kids—in the bushes at one of those remote soccer or baseball fields, with no clean bathroom in sight. Truly advanced sports moms may even have a portable potty in the trunk!

  11. You’re seen driving in the dead of winter with the windows down and sunroof wide open! While you may enjoy the wind in your hair, these tactics are a necessity due to the aroma in your car. And we’re not talking about a fresh evergreen breeze. It’s the smell—well, stench—coming from the sports equipment and sweaty pre-teens. And if you’re “lucky” enough to be driving the return leg home of your carpool, the stench will horrendously multiply by the number of athletes in the car, possibly requiring a clean cloth over your nose to breathe through.

  12. Toward the end of the season, you start to pray for rain, but only if it thunders! Thunder and lightning mean the fourteenth consecutive summer baseball practice in a row will be canceled, allowing you to return to the “old days” of cooking a hot meal at home and eating at a table…before the sun sets…with all family members in attendance.

  13. You look forward to weekend tournaments since these are the only “vacations” you’re able to take! “Luxurious” budget hotel accommodations, group dinners in the back room at pizza parlors, days spent in the sun (or inside a cold ice rink), and swimming in the indoor hotel pool at midnight are just some of the many perks.

  14. You know the details of all the families on the team, whether they’ve told you or not. You know who’s divorced and who’s remarried, and who’s the babysitter, or the grandparents, or even the dog, of every team member. You spend so much time with these people that you know far too many details about their personal lives—and just hope they don’t know all of yours!

  15. You’ve somehow learned all the rules of the game and can accurately correct the ref when he makes a bad call. Other moms look to you to explain the call or to tell them the score of the game. That doesn’t mean you’re not social on the sidelines, of course. Your ability to chat and stay involved in the game is just another example of your brilliant multitasking skills.

  16. “Date nights” and “girls’ nights” are the same thing – games under the lights. Your friends are the other team parents. Your social life revolves around the team’s schedule. And you wouldn’t have it any other way!


Molly Gregor is a writer and mom of four kids who is most often found at the ice rink.

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