10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day


Are you ready to celebrate Dad with all the fun and fanfare he deserves? Here are 10 activities the whole family will love that will make dad feel as special as he is.

  1. Take him out to the ballgame. If you live near a major league ballpark, you don’t have to get the best seats in the house – just being there is an experience in itself. Or look for minor league teams in your area. You’ll be able to get closer to the field and enjoy good ballpark food at a more reasonable price.
  2. Make it a neighborhood affair. Check with your neighbors and see who’s up for a Father’s Day cookout and block party. Have everyone bring their favorite crowd-pleasing dish and put the grills out on the street. Make sure the fathers don’t have to do any work – unless of course, they want to be grillmeister.
  3. Bowl him over! This is a great option if the weather doesn’t cooperate for other outdoor pursuits. Most bowling alleys have bumpers for the young (or the old) ones who can’t throw a strike to save their lives. Don’t forget to order lane-side snacks and treat dad to all the arcade games he wants.
  4. Go see Disney-Pixar’s Cars 3! It’s the ultimate racing experience with legendary Lightning McQueen trying to prove he isn’t washed up yet. No dad, or kid, can resist this latest installment of the classic franchise coming to theaters on June 16, just in time for Father’s Day! Buy tickets in advance to make sure you score seats to your preferred showing.
  5. Create your own ice cream. Buy Dad an ice cream machine and stock up on ingredients to make his favorite flavors. Then whip up a batch for the family to enjoy. Or just head to the local ice-cream spot to get over-the-top treats for everyone.
  6. Take a hike. Even the most indoorsy families can have fun in the great outdoors. Go to a park or a local arboretum and hit the trail! You can even do a scavenger hunt to identify local plants, trees, insects, and animals.
  7. Make him a star! Have the kids create a homemade “movie,” with the only restriction being that Dad has to be the main character of the story.
  8. Head to the beach. If you’re lucky enough to live close to a lakeshore or the ocean – go! Bring along a picnic lunch and a soccer ball for extra fun. If not, how about a family outing to the town pool?
  9. Get dirty. Designate Father’s Day as a day to create a family garden and plant some herbs and flowers. Tending to the plot and harvesting the fruits of your labor offer bonus bonding time.
  10. Go for a ride. Spend a day at a local amusement park and enjoy dad’s favorite rollercoasters and more.
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