Terrifying Video Shows Sea Lion Pulling Little Girl Underwater

sea lion girl water
Michael Fujiwara/YouTube/AudiUSA

When you think of dangerous animal predators, sea lions probably wouldn't even make your top 10 list. But don't be fooled: This cartoonish creature is a lot more cunning than you'd think. Parents are on edge after seeing this video of a sea lion leaping out of the water and violently pulling a little girl into a harbor in British Columbia, Canada, as stunned onlookers scream in horror.


Fortunately, the little girl's quick-thinking grandfather jumped in to save her from the enormous sea lion, who was being fed by a crowd that had gathered on the dockside.

While many were admiring the majestic beast, few saw the danger that was lurking right under their noses.

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You never saw this coming, right? This sea lion has the girl in its jaws in seconds! It's so frightening because when you think of dangerous sea creatures, your mind jumps to killer whales and menacing sharks. You'd never think an animal with sweet, dark eyes and big, white whiskers could be so forceful.

But take another look:

girl dragged by sea lion
Michael Fujiwara/YouTube/AudiUSA

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This poor girl had to be terrified! You're giggling at the cuteness of this friendly-seeming animal one moment, and the next you're forced underwater.

Girl dragged by sea lion
Michael Fujiwara/YouTube/AudiUSA

Thankfully, this girl was unhurt, but the outcome could've been much different. Sea lions may not be aggressive but they're still wild animals, and they can weigh as much as 860 pounds.

This video, while certainly shocking, is a good reminder of the potential risk of being seriously hurt while feeding wild animals.

George Burgess, director of the Florida Program for Shark Research, told National Geographic that giving snacks to animals can have far-reaching affects on their behavior, basically instructing them to "equate humans with free food."

So, as tempting as it might be to toss a few bread crumbs to wild animals, it could easily land you in harm's way. With summer vacations coming up, it's an important lesson to keep in mind. Admiring from a distance is still fun, and it's probably a lot safer.  

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