Coming Down from the December High

I know, it's almost New Year's. But in my house, the spirit of Christmas is still lingering, holding on until the last Christmas drop. Our tree is still up, my sis and her children are still here. Toys are everywhere. The fridge is still packed with leftovers from Christmas and our huge Kwanzaa/B-day party for my 5-year-old.


One of my wonderful friends here on CafeMom, Peajewel knows exactly how I feel, Christmas is her all-time favorite holiday (she once actually went to Jerusalem and visited the manger where Christ was believed to be born), and both of her kids were born in December. It's weird, but for some of us there's a natural high in the air the last month of the year and sometimes it's hard to let go...

"Both my kids were born in December (one the 19th and one the 29th) so I am always filled with that whole, awwww this is the day I gave birth and my life was changed and for the better feelings any way.  I am basically a ball of emotion through December," peajewel reflects.

The coming year is exciting too, but packing up Santa, the menorah or kinara, feels a little like letting the air out of a balloon. Good thing we get to blow it up again next December!

Are you coming down from the December high?

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