When Parent-Teacher Conferences Go Wrong: 15 LOL Stories

empty classroom

I knew before I sat down in the tiny chair in my child's classroom that sitting was a mistake. The chair was clearly designed for a little 2-year-old's bottom. My own bottom was decidedly bigger, which became even more painfully obvious when I later attempted to stand back up and the chair, well, sort of came with me. I was stuck in a chair, in front of my child's teacher. Yeah, I'm not going to forget that parent/teacher conference moment any time soon.


Parent-teacher conferences are a surprisingly emotional event for me. Not only is there the crushing nostalgia of being back in a cheerful kids' classroom, but there are the emotions that come with seeing just how much my kid is growing and learning at school. Plus, given who my kid is, there is also the tiny bit of anxiety I feel about the inevitable moment when the teacher tells us he talks too much in class (every. single. conference).

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Since nothing makes me feel better than hearing about other people's embarrassing parenting moments, I decided to ask some of my closest mom friends about their own ridiculous, embarrassing, and totally wild parent-teacher conference moments. Honestly, some of these make my chair-stuck-on-the-butt moment seem not so bad at all (sorry for how hard I laughed at #11's pain). 

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