15 Indoor Activities That Get Kids Moving on Rainy Days

kid looking out window on rainy day
It is raining tonight. It was raining yesterday. It is supposed to rain next week too. As someone who lives in Minnesota, I'm both thrilled that it isn't snow and worried that my kids are going to turn into total couch potatoes while we wait for it to be dry enough to play outside.


When we're stuck inside on a rainy day, my goal is to make sure my kids don't spend the whole day on a screen and that we do something active. That might involve a dance party or an epic pillow fight -- anything that is play and gets them moving. 

I'm always on the hunt for new good ideas, so I asked some of the smartest moms I know for their surefire ways to get their kids up and active. Read on for some super fun ideas for rainy day activities that aren't sedentary -- I'm totally stealing #3!

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