15 Moms on How They Finally Ended Screen-Time Battles

Wendy Robinson | Apr 7, 2017 Big Kid
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  • Let Your Kid Code

    girls working on computer

    "I think about screen time as either being active or passive. I hate the passive stuff, like the watching of Minecraft videos, but I don't mind the active stuff, like when she works on her girl coding club exercises or [is] actually playing Minecraft. I limit the passive stuff to no more than 30 minutes per day but the active stuff is unlimited. It works for us." -- Christy T., Jessup, Maryland

  • The Hard Truth

    woman using smartphone

    "The hard truth about screen: I had to admit that I was setting a terrible example. I was on my phone all the time. Like, seriously, all the time. Of course the kids would want to be on a screen all the time too. So I made a rule for myself that I don't zone out on my phone while the kids are still up. All of us are more into doing other stuff when the phones are put away." -- Mandy B., Duluth, Minnesota 

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