15 Moms on How They Finally Ended Screen-Time Battles

Wendy Robinson | Apr 7, 2017 Big Kid
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  • Make Screen Time into Family Time

    family using tablets and computers and phone

    "My concern with screen time is that everyone retreats into their own rooms, and we aren't interacting at all. So we made a rule that we have screen time from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. but we do it together, around the table. We end up sharing funny videos, and I also know a lot more about what games they are into, which I think is good." -- Audrey V., Blaine, Minnesota 

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  • Give Yourself Time to Cook in Peace

    using ipad to help cook

    "I swore that I wouldn't let my kids have screen time, including TV, until they were at least 4. But then my kid turned 2 and all hell broke loose, especially by the end of the day. My kid was driving me nuts when I was trying to make dinner every night. So I've decided that screen time is available every night when I'm making dinner. I can cook in peace, and he gets a cartoon fix. Screen time isn't bad if it keeps me from going nuts every night." -- Kelly S., Burlington, Vermont 

  • Let Your Kid Code

    girls working on computer

    "I think about screen time as either being active or passive. I hate the passive stuff, like the watching of Minecraft videos, but I don't mind the active stuff, like when she works on her girl coding club exercises or [is] actually playing Minecraft. I limit the passive stuff to no more than 30 minutes per day but the active stuff is unlimited. It works for us." -- Christy T., Jessup, Maryland

  • The Hard Truth

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    "The hard truth about screen: I had to admit that I was setting a terrible example. I was on my phone all the time. Like, seriously, all the time. Of course the kids would want to be on a screen all the time too. So I made a rule for myself that I don't zone out on my phone while the kids are still up. All of us are more into doing other stuff when the phones are put away." -- Mandy B., Duluth, Minnesota 

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