15 Moms on How They Finally Ended Screen-Time Battles

little boy lying with ipad

I have two kids, two tablets, and have tried about a million strategies to figure out how to find balance with screen time. We've tried strict limits, we've tried no limits, and everything in between. 


Part of our problem is that I have one kid who would be on a screen every single moment if we let him. The other kid will binge-watch kitten videos one day and then ignores screens the rest of the week. We've tried different rules for each kid but we still haven't found our sweet spot. We want the kids to get to play the apps they love but also don't want them to be zoned out all the time. 

I know I'm not alone when it comes to trying to find balance with screen time -- most of the moms I know are trying to fight the exact same battle. Thankfully, I found 15 moms who've managed to find screen-time sanity. These are doable and smart solutions. Try one (or a few) to see what works at your home.

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