Gorgeous Photo Series Captures the Wonders of a Tech-Free Childhood

Image: Nike Boon

Childhood in the RawNike Boon

Lots of us aspire to be "free-range" parents and fantasize about bringing up our kids in an all-natural, technology-free environment -- but New Zealand–based mom and photographer Niki Boon is actually doing it. Boon and her husband are raising and homeschooling their four children, ages 7 to 13, on a 10-acre farm in a rural area -- without the distractions of video games, iPads, or smartphones -- and documenting their lives in a gorgeous photo series, "Childhood in the Raw."


The series was partly inspired by Boon's own childhood, she tells CafeMom.

"I had the extremely good fortune to grow up on a farm with extended family," she wrote in an email.

"My memories are most certainly of barefoot freedom, tree huts, bike riding, and wide open spaces waiting to be explored. It is a childhood freedom that I try to replicate for my children now and capture in my images."

One thing's for sure -- these amazing photos will almost certainly inspire you to unplug your own family, at least temporarily!

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