Little Boy Loses Toe in Horrific Escalator Accident & Mom Blames His Shoes

kids crocs danger escalators

If your kids have these comfy and colorful slip-on shoes, you may want to read this or advise them to use caution the next time they're riding an escalator. Rubber clogs, commonly known as Crocs, have been linked to escalator-related injuries. One mom's Facebook post about the serious injuries her son suffered while wearing Crocs on an escalator has gone viral -- and it may be enough to make you rethink the popular summertime sandal.


In her Facebook post, mom Helen Wood shared the frightening experience her son endured. Part of her post reads:

Our beautiful 5 year old son Stanley has sustained horrific and life changing injuries as a result of his Crocs being dragged into a moving escalator. 

Stanley has lost his big toe and has extensive tissue and ligament damage to the underside of his foot. He will need multiple operations to reconstruct the remaining part of his foot.

kids crocs danger escalators
Helen Wood/Facebook

Wood explained that she was not aware that the shoes were linked to other, similar accidents. But once she began looking into it, she found online reports of child injuries dating back to 2007. 

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According to one study, escalator-related foot injuries are increasing and the common component is the "trendy, bright-colored rubber clogs," which have been "implicated in a significant number of these incidents involving children."

Here's a close-up of the diagram included in Wood's Facebook post:

Helen Wood/Facebook

This video illustrates exactly how this frightening accident can happen.

According to the study, the broad toe-box design gives a "false perception of the distance between the foot and the side of the escalator." Making matters worse, the "softness" of the rubber clogs allows them to be easily crushed by the moving stairs.  

Wood's description of how her child's life changed in an instant is devastating:

One day he was running and skipping, the next he was in an emergency ward with life changing injuries. We are shocked and heartbroken that this has happened and angry that it has happened so many times before. 

We were not aware of the dangers as it has not been widely publicised and now we think it needs to be something that is more commonly known.

As Wood knows all too well, the study concluded with a powerful but disturbing statement: "Injuries sustained can be significant and permanent. The potential dangers of escalators and rubber clogs must not be underestimated."

If your kids love to wear these clogs, just keep this information in mind the next time you're anywhere near an escalator.

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