12 Powerful Photos That Show There's No One Way to Be a Boy

boy playing with doll
Kirsten McGoey

Kirsten McGoey started taking photos of little boys in dresses and little boys dressed all in pink as a love letter to her son. "He doesn't walk; he twirls," she says of her middle child. The Canadian photographer knew her photo project, A Boy Can Too, would give her 8-year-old a way to connect with other little boys who are just like him. She could only hope at the time that it would do the same for all the other little boys out there who like pink and ponies and sparkles ... just like her son. 


Based on the letters Kirsten's gotten from as far as Australia, New Zealand, and other spots around the globe, it appears that's exactly what's happening. 

"The project is not going to change someone's mind," Kirsten says. "It's to support the people who are changing someone's mind." 

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