Video Games and Computer Kids

For my boys this year, I got them another joystick and more cartridges for their (way underutilized) Vtech TV system. I love that particular video game system, because it's specifically for young kids-- there's no chance of violence or other adult stuff. But the problem is that everyone else has an X-Box or Playstation, and those systems are admittedly more exciting. Even though I'm not really ready, my boys want to step it up.


Cafe MichelleL over in the Entertainment Buzz, posted a really helpful piece on video game and computer safety for kids. She makes the point that parents have to keep up with evolving technology. Beyond toying with our own cell phones, some of us may not want to be bothered with yet another techy thing, but in the case of video and computer games, it's a must. Some tips on keeping your kid safe...

  • Limit screen time for your kids.
  • Select age-appropriate games or content.
  •  Limit access to who your kids can connect to online.

Cafe MichelleL interviewed an Xbox rep and got the real low-down. For example, the Xbox 360 Family Settings allow you to restrict access to games based on the rating as well as control access to the online Xbox LIVE service. To learn much more about video safety controls check out Entertainment Buzz.

What video or computer games are your kids into?

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