11 Kid-Friendly Foods That Have Been Linked to Cancer

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As parents, of course we want our kids to eat as healthy a diet as possible. But feeding our kids foods that will help them grow healthy brains and bodies is no simple task, especially when one factors in things like the insane cost of groceries, how little time any of us has to cook dinner, and of course -- how picky kids can be when it comes to what's on their plates. And sadly, science just made our mission a teeny bit harder.


Most parents get into a food groove with their offspring -- unlocking a few kid-approved meals and snacks that the little ones will eat without a fuss and zipping their way through the grocery store each week, grabbing the old standbys. We tell ourselves that our kids might not be expanding their palates by trying new foods, but at least there's no harm in what they're eating, right? Actually, maybe not so right. 

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New research indicts a BUNCH of kid-friendly foods might be link to-– wait for it -- cancer. And just when we thought we finally had mealtime all figured out. Here are the foods kids love but science says we should probably try to steer clear of -- or at least take a look at the labels before adding them to the grocery cart.

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