17 Fun & Affordable Ways to Survive Winter Break With Your Kids

Julie Ryan Evans | Dec 8, 2016 Big Kid

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It's the most wonderful time of year ... or so say they say. We're just wondering if "they" have kids who are home on winter break during this supposedly wonderful time? Because for a lot of us parents who have shopping to do, presents to wrap, cookies to bake, parties to attend, and actual work to do, the sudden 24/7 presence of our bored kids expecting to be entertained kind of throws us for a bit of a loop...not that we don't love the bonding time.

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Finding fun stuff for kids to do during the winter holidays can be a real drag and total time suck. And of course the kids are leaning on us to make fun happen. And then there is the costs of all this adventure! So sure, if one has the money to scoot off on a ski vacation or cruise off to some Caribbean locale, he or she may actually be looking forward to winter break. For the rest of us, who are on a more modest (or barely there) budget, however, we need some help to keep everyone out of the kitchen while we try to control the chaos before break is over! 

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Fortunately, help is here! Here are 17 inexpensive things to do with our kids over winter break to keep our readers all sane. Read on and see which ones should be an absolute must-do. 

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