11 Hilariously Honest Kids' Letters to Santa That Play No Games

shocked santa reading letters

One thing we've gotta love (and sometimes loathe) about kids is how freaking honest they are. Most children don't really care what they say or how it comes across, which certainly gives new meaning to the term "keeping it real." Even though these laughable and sometimes embarrassing moments don't happen all the time, parents can expect their kids to not mince their words once the holidays roll around -- and they want their gifts under the Christmas tree faster than we can sing "Jingle Bells."


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Writing letters to Santa is a time-honored tradition that should be held with reverence ... is something that someone without kids would say. But those of us who have a little brood of our own know better than to expect any letters to Santa that would make a charming keepsake. And though we might not remember how we acted in the presence of Santa Claus when we were young, at least we can re-live our youth through these hysterically funny letters kids wrote to Saint Nick. Take, for instance, the letter to Santa that is full of demands, or perhaps the letter asking Santa to bring his aunt a boyfriend. Hilarious. 

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Read through to see these funny letters that real kids wrote to Santa. 'Tis the season to laugh our a** off.