Giving Simple Gifts That Create Lasting Memories


I remember moments during my childhood that really impacted me. Family traditions, movies, even my favorite snacks all bring me back to special moments in my life. I remember the first movie that I feel really impacted my view on the world and made me a kinder person. Being a foster child myself my own children know that family is not always about blood. It's about who loves you and proves that they are there. My hope for my girls and my family and friends is that they too can create lasting moments together that really bond us together. 


We've made a lot of memories with Disney, from family movie nights to finding ourselves in a forest of massive trees on an adventure on our way to the Disney theme parks. That's why when we saw Pete's Dragon I knew it was one of those movies that not only would inspire adventure but that would also inspire our girls in other ways. That it would impact on their hearts, and I can say after we saw the movie our girls reflected back on how it impacted them. Both realizing that we have to speak up for the things that are right, and we must be kind. It's these lasting moments that I know will make my girls more empathetic and understanding as they grow older. 

That's why I so badly want to pass this gift on to our closest friends and fill their children with that same sense of adventure and loving spirit. It's those simple gifts form the heart that actually mean so much and so we had a lot of fun creating this simple movie night gift basket with Pete's Dragon On Blu-ray™, Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere. I started out with finding a useable bowl to create the gift basket and I filled it with movie night snacks like popcorn and candy, cozy socks and a copy of Pete's Dragon. 

I like putting together my own gift baskets because you can really personalize it. Clear plastic wrap and some ribbon and a bow and you really have such a unique gift idea. It's one of those gifts you're really excited to give because you know they're going to truly enjoy it and create those lasting memories. 

This holiday season it's all about creating lasting moments together with my family so I'm giving gifts from the heart like this movie night gift basket. 

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What are some simple gifts from the heart that you like to give your loved ones? 


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