Creating Special Memories and Family Traditions

I cannot believe that it’s already the holiday season. It feels like only yesterday we were hanging out at the beach. Now we’re prepping for the holidays and making up holiday shopping lists.


Our kids are teenagers now, so the holidays have a new “feel” to them (it was more fun when they still believed in Santa).

Instead of spending money on clothing and other things they want/need, we are thinking about spending most of our holiday budget on taking the kids out to dinner in New York City, catching the holiday show at Radio City Music Hall then swinging by the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center before heading home. Our kids are on board with the idea too. I think we all feel the same way at this point – it’s all about spending quality time with one another.

Even having a family movie night at home (which we do often) is special to us. It’s nice to still be able to snuggle on the couch with our teens and enjoy a movie together complete with hot chocolate (with extra marshmallows) and popcorn. Maybe even a freshly baked treat.

One movie we plan on watching is the new version of the classic Disney film Pete’s Dragon. I am a huge fan of the original (I even have an Elliot on my desk). I can’t wait to see the new film.

Pete’s Dragon might be targeted towards younger children, but parents and teens can enjoy this wonderful family film about friendship, love, family, courage and perseverance. I have a feeling it might be a bit of a tear-jerker, so I plan on having plenty of tissues on hand. Pete’s Dragon is a magical adventure, which makes it the perfect family film to watch and enjoy during the season where most of us choose to still believe in magic.

I love this time of year. I have so many wonderful memories centered around the holidays. I may be forty-something, but when it comes to the holidays, I feel like a little kid again.

I can’t even look at candy canes or a box of crayons without my mind instantly being transported back to my youth. Candy canes remind me of all those time Santa Claus would ride on the back of a firetruck and drive up and down the streets in my neighborhood handing them out to all the children. Crayons remind me of my Christmas stocking. Santa always brought me a new box of crayons and coloring books. I have always loved to color, and still do.

When we decorate for the holidays there are plenty of special decorations that hold a lifetime full of memories.

My desk is decorated with decorations from my childhood, like the ones my mom kept in the formal living room (the kind of decorations children shouldn’t touch). I also have a little Elf, which is the very first Christmas gift I ever purchased. I gave it to my mom. My sister helped me to afford it (I didn’t have enough money to buy it).

Some of the decorations from the formal living room that the kids (me!) were not allowed to touch or play with I now have and display them for my kids to see and enjoy.

As a mom, I have tried to make the holiday season equally as special and memorable for my kids. It warms my heart when we go through the decorations, and my kid will recall a special memory that they are reminded of when they look at them. One day I hope to pass those decorations on to them to share with our future grandchildren.

A fun thing that we do each year is giving our kids a new ornament. Some are personalized, some are not. That tradition started with my mom. It’s a tradition I passed on to our kids.

When I was young, my mom used to buy me a new ornament each year for our family Christmas tree. Some are personalized (and dated). Others she let me pick out myself.

Her logic was that by the time I moved out, I would have plenty of ornaments to decorate my own tree. That is exactly what I did when my husband and I got married. Our first Christmas tree was decorated with all those ornaments my mom gave me over the years.

One year, my mom was in the hospital for the holiday. So as not to break with tradition my uncle bought me a new ornament that year. I still know exactly which one it was and every year I hang it on my tree I remember when my uncle presented it to me.

I think many people have lost track of what the real meaning of the holiday season is. It’s not about buying the latest and greatest blow-up decoration for your home (to compete with the neighbors), or buying the “must have” toys of the season. The holiday season is about spending time with family and friends and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Pete’s Dragon is available on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere.  I can’t wait for family movie night!

In addition, Disney Movie Rewards has a special promotion going on when you purchase the film through DMR. In addition to the film you can also purchase the ‘Elliot Gets Lost’ children’s book from the film at an exclusive price ($9.99).

If you would like to learn more about the film you can visit the official webpage,  You can also check out the film on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The official movie hashtag is #PetesDragon.

Have you seen Pete’s Dragon? If so, what did you think about the film?

What do the holidays mean to you? Do you have special memories and family traditions?


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