Creating Family Memories

I love the holiday season! Family is of the utmost importance to me and this time of the year is just full of memorable experiences. This year is an extra special year one for our family because we recently moved in with my father and mother-in-law. We sold our townhouse and are mid-way through the buying process of our new home, so in the meantime we're staying with family. Coincidentally, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law are also in between houses and staying here as well. Yes, it's a full house, but it's really quite fun to get to spend so much extra time with family, especially during the holiday season!


One of the things we all love to do together as a family is to hold a movie night once a week. We go all out and really make it special. Here's what we do to make the night memorable:

Set the Scene

Before we start our movie we all get dressed in our pajamas. It's much comfier that way! Then we break out our projector to make it feel like we're in the theaters. We don't have a screen but have found that projecting it right onto the wall works really well. Sometimes we'll lay out blankets and watch from the floor together, other times we snuggle up on the couch. Since my kiddos are still pretty young, we also throw some towels on the couch, that way when spills happen (cause c'mon, you know they are bound to), it's no big deal!

Pick a Great Movie

When you're looking for a movie that the whole family can enjoy, you can't go wrong with something from Disney! Disney just knows how to create a movie that adults and children will both enjoy; full of humor, relatable characters, and sentimental moments. The movies are so good that we end up watching many of them over and over again. Some of our favorites include That Darn Cat, The Lion King, Blackbeard's Ghost, Mary Poppins and Frozen.

Growing up, one of my husband's favorite movies was the Disney classic, Pete's Dragon. So, in anticipation of the release of the 2016 version of Pete's Dragon on DVD , we decided last week to watch the original Pete's Dragon for our family movie night. We'll follow it up this week by watching the brand new Pete's Dragon.

Stock the Snacks

We don't hand out a lot of snacks throughout the week to our kids, but movie night is different. On movie night, we try to go all out on the fun and what fun would the night be without snacks? Every week is different as far as what is offered at the snack bar but one thing that we always have is popcorn. I picked up cheap plastic veggie trays for $1 that are perfect for snack trays on movie night. They can pick 4 different treats, plus the center dip station is perfect to fit a drink cup.

This holiday season, why not start a new tradition of a family movie night (if you don't do this already)? Disney's Pete's Dragon is out on DVD on Blu-ray™, Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere and it's a great film the whole family can enjoy together. It's full of the lessons I want to impart to our kids, such as taking care of the earth, that friendship can be found in unexpected places, and the importance of family. Full of magic and adventure, Pete's Dragon is sure to be a hit this holiday season!

As a special promotion, you can get the book “Elliot Gets Lost" (as seen in the film) for just $9.99 when you buy Pete’s Dragon on Blu-ray, Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywere on Disney Movie Rewards! You can find Pete's Dragon on all your favorite social media sites, including FacebookTwitter and Instagram and visit the Pete's Dragon website too.

What are some ways your family creates memories together?

Janessa Solem is a wife, mother of 4 young children, and writes Thrifty Nifty Mommy. She shares quality reviews of family-friendly products, recipes, crafts, and a glimpse into the life of her busy family.

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