Inspired by Pete’s Dragon, Creating Memories of Love and Family In Our Native Country

We went back to our native country Bolivia after more than two years away. Every time I land in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, my birth city, I am overwhelmed with memories of family and friendship. Through the eyes of my heart, I review those memories that I’ll treasure forever, and I want the same for my children. I want them to learn the value of loyalty and real friendship.


My hearts swoons when I watch my children visiting the city where I grew up. I love to witness that family love that spoils them in a good way and makes them feel unique and special while they experience and get to know firsthand their cultural roots which are directly connected to this special, familial love.

Everything comes to a basic conclusion: Love makes us feel safe and protects us even in the most stressful, unknown or unexpected circumstances. With that same passion, Pete’s Dragon presents the power of friendship reflected in the story of Pete, an orphan who, after a car accident, gets lost in the forest and is rescued and protected by an unusual friend: a dragon.

Years later, Pete is rescued and adopted by a family. His appearance causes surprise among everyone around because no one can comprehend how he managed to survive all those years alone in the forest. No one even imagined a dragon could become a friend.

Just as my children experienced nervousness, excitement and anxiety when they arrived in this new country and were comforted by those who love them but are still foreign to them, Pete found comfort in someone he knew existed but seemed to be imaginary until the moment he materializes and becomes his most loyal guardian.

No matter how old or small, we all encounter dramatic moments of adaptation in life in which we may feel insecure, lost and even abandoned. During these times, we feel lonely and too frightened to survive on our own. In those moments, and if we keep our hearts open, we can find friendship and love in the most unexpected places. I think that's the most beautiful message Pete's Dragon has for all of us.

We all need to find that person, or dragon, who is willing to love and protect us unconditionally. Those are the memories that forge our character and make us smile and keep faith even in the most challenging circumstances in life.

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Eliana Tardio is a many times awarded Latino blogger with a strong passion for inclusion and diversity. As the Latina mother of two bilingual children with Down syndrome, Eliana inspires parents to become their children's best advocates and to believe in them and their possibilities regardless of their genetic makeup.

Thank you, Disney for sponsoring this holiday post inspired by Pete’s Dragon to create memories of family and friendship love.

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