Traditions my Family Shares Together that Make the Holiday Season Memorable

Most families kick off the holiday season right after the Thanksgiving holiday.  It’s logical, right?  Thanksgiving is really that first winter holiday that leads right into December and January, making this time of year festive and bright and magical.


Well… for my entire family (siblings and parents included), it all begins the second Friday of every November.  That is, for us, the true kick-off to the holidays!

For the last 13 years, my parents have gifted my siblings and I (along with our growing families throughout the years) tickets to see the famous Rockettes in NYC.  We ALL live in Rhode Island, so it’s a true full day for us.  We wake up early and we make the 3-hour drive to NYC, all meeting at Angelo’s (on 57th street, a delicious pizza/pasta restaurant for lunch) and then we head to the famous show!  The first year we did this, I was just pregnant with my oldest son William (and I didn’t even know it yet!). This tradition has been incredible for our family because my parents are gifting us with two special things, 1) the gift of togetherness 2) the gift of memories.  For us – it’s all about the incredible adventure of heading to NYC and embarking on this “big new world” that we’re not used to and enjoying time as a family. It’s coming together and allowing my kids and my siblings’ kids, their cousins, the chance to see how important family is and how bonding and creating memories together is truly a gift.

With the holiday release of Pete’s Dragon on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital HD, it’s the perfect time to share with my kids the importance of family, adventure and friendship.  I’m a big lover of a story where there is friendship within a family, and I loved that about Pete’s Dragon. I’ll never forget seeing Pete’s Dragon in the theatre with my kids (opening night!) and really falling in love with Pete.  I loved Pete’s Dragon as a child, so this was such a wonderful way to bring that magic alive to my own family. I’ll never forget watching Pete’s Dragon as a kid, my husband, too – we just knew it was a story we wanted our own kids to know and love. Elliot grew up without a traditional family, his only “normal” was having Pete be his guide, his family, his best friend. They embarked on adventures together and created long-lasting memories as a family unit. It’s such a wonderful story to share with your family this holiday season because it’s the time of year where creating memories and traditions are important and special.

Family has always and will always be my top priority in my life. There’s nothing more sacred to me than my 5 kids, my husband and my extended family. To be able to share memories and adventures with them, like heading to NYC every November, this to me is what makes a family. This is to me how traditions are cherished. This is to me how family should be. It’s all about spending time together and creating those bonds that you know will be forged forever!  This holiday season, allow Pete’s Dragon to let you reflect on what memories and traditions you’re doing with your family. Allow some silly, fun and memorable adventures to come into play this season, too with your family! You may not be flying on a dragon, but fun adventures come in all shapes and sizes!

Also, I’m excited to share that you can get the book “Elliot Gets Lost” as seen in the film for $9.99 when you buy Pete’s Dragon on Blu-ray, Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere on Disney Movie Rewards!  Share the heartwarming magic on your bookshelves, too!


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