Home for the Holidays

Finding Dory is being released just in time for the holidays. I hope Emmy isn’t reading this because we plan to buy it for her so she can watch it again! It is now available on Blu-ray™, Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere. You can get your copy here. Plus you can get a FREE* Digital Graphic Novel when you buy Disney/Pixar’s Finding Dory! Get details here.


As long as I can remember, the holidays were spent with family. Each Christmas morning my brothers and I would wake up early and run into my parent’s bedroom, and wake them up as soon as the sun started to rise. Sometimes it was even earlier than that, but as we got older we let them sleep in a little bit! After we got ready for the day, had breakfast, and opened presents, it was time to set off to my grandparents’ homes. We lived in Pennsylvania and both sets of my grandparents lived in opposite directions, so we had to leave bright and early to be able to spend as much time with each of them. It normally worked out that we had lunch with one of them and dinner with the other.

This made for a pretty busy day (especially if it was snowing,) but it is one of my favorite memories from my childhood. I know it was special for my parents too… because they got to go home and bring their young family with them!

Now that I have a family of my own, Heather and I decided early on that we would continue the tradition. My parents and both of my brothers moved to California not too long after we were married. As soon as they were on this coast, we started having Christmas at our home and then going to Heather’s parent’s house for an early dinner, and then to my parent’s house for dessert. The kids love this just as much as we do!

A couple months ago, I took the girls to see Finding Dory, and as I watched it I could relate to the story and the feeling of going home and how important it is to have a place to go home to. For me home is where my family is. The places I have gone home to have changed over the years, but one thing that hasn’t is that home is where the people I love are.

Do you go home for the holidays too?


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I am happy to be sharing about our tradition of going home for the holidays in partnership with Disney/Pixar for the release of Finding Dory.

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