Make Your Family Trip Fun with Disney/Pixar’s Finding Dory

The most important thing to know about travel with kids is to simply go with the flow. If you can swing, you'll save yourself a ton of stress. Of course, a little advance planning helps a lot, but don't plan on all your plans going exactly as planned...and be okay with that.


As my favorite blue tang Dory says, "Just Keep Swimming." Dory has been all over the world, so she knows a thing or two about travel. I really admire her optimistic attitude, and will be channeling my inner Dory for my family's upcoming holiday trip.

My kids grew up watching Finding Nemo, so we were all excited for the sequel to finally come out! The 13-year wait was worth it. The Finding Dory movie became an instant hit worldwide and is already one of the biggest animated films OF ALL TIME.

We're Road Tripping with Dory!
Our holiday travel agenda includes a 5-hour road trip. Five hours is a long time for anyone to be in the car, especially kids. I try to make long trips more bearable for everyone by bringing along a variety of entertainment and snack options. Check out my ideas for a Finding Dory movie themed family trip:

THE MOVIE: Finding Dory
Finding Dory
is about an epic adventure to find Dory's long-lost parents. It's the perfect movie to watch on holiday trips. Dory's Epic Adventure to a Family Reunion = Your Holiday Trip to Family Reunion.

Finding Dory is 1 hour and 45 minutes of travel bliss for everyone. And that run time doesn't include the previews! (My kids love to watch movie previews, do yours?) Finding Dory is now available on Blu-ray™, Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere. You can get your copy here.

Get a FREE* digital Finding Dory Graphic Novel when you buy Finding Dory.

THE ACTIVITY - Printable Finding Dory Activity Pages
Before your trip, print off as many copies of these free Finding Dory activity pages as you need. Pass them out to the kids when they start getting antsy. Don't forget to bring crayons and colored pencils.

THE SNACK - Finding Dory Cereal Treats
The Disney Pixar Finding Dory Cereal is the perfect ingredient for making movie-themed cereal treats. It features favorite movie characters like Dory (of course) and Nemo. Get the recipe here.

One of the best lessons we can learn from the Finding Dory movie as we travel this holiday season is to enjoy the adventure. Dory knows she will need to cross the ocean to California, but she is ready to take on the exciting challenge. Whether we have an ocean to cross or merely a drive across town to be with family, we can take on Dory's positive "Just Keep Swimming" attitude and have fun being together with the people we love.

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