Learning to Find Your Way Home

Sometimes it takes a while to find our way home.

I'm not talking about directions on a map–or how to find your way home from the grocery store–but how to find a place where you belong, where you're happy, and where you want to stay forever.



I lived in upstate New York until I graduated from high school in 1995, then slowly made my way to where I am now in Arizona. For me, Arizona is my home. The friends that we have made here over the past 16 years? They're family to us.

My parents lived in the same town in New York for their entire lives and just recently made the move to Arizona–their new home. Just like in Disney/Pixar’s Finding Dory, we've led them here by sharing everything we love about our new home state. For the last 16 years, we've dropped breadcrumbs like storybook characters that have led them to our area of the desert where their grandkids are.

I'm sure they don't think of Arizona as their home quite yet, but I bet within a year they will. They'll find friends who are like family, and they'll know they were meant to be here.

Finding a new home is scary–you don't know what to expect, and you're completely out of your comfort zone. The storyline in Finding Dory can be applied to so many situations–moving across the country, heading to a new school, or starting your first day of a new job.

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When did you learn how to find your way home?


Becca Ludlum is mom to two boys ages 10 and 14 and writes at My Crazy Good Life. She lives in the Arizona desert with her sons, husband, two dogs, and a bearded dragon named Billy.

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