“Finding Dory” A Story Of Different Abilities Supported By the Universal Power Of Love

As the mother of children with special needs, Finding Dory is to me one of the cutest and most touching stories representing the lives of those with different abilities.


Finding Dory gives children and their families a positive message of ability, which clearly says that the universal and unbeatable power of love can help us overcome any challenge.

Dory seems to be affected by short-term memory loss that takes her away from the ones she loves. At the same time, her condition gives her an opportunity to love new people and find a new family.

In the same fashion, and as it happens with Dory, as families of children with special needs, we have found ourselves in unexpected places and circumstances at certain points in our lives. We learn to cope with these moments during which we feel clueless and we gain the strength to go back to where we belong. Whether we remember them or not (having a Dory Moment?), we learn and grow from these challenging places.

All in all, to me the whole movie translates to something very special: When you live or love someone with special needs of any kind, you may sometimes feel like a stranger in your own land. You may get lost for a while; however, as you find your own self in a completely different world, eventually the time comes to go back with the ones you love and who love you back.

The release of Finding Dory couldn’t have come at a better time. It is now on Blu-ray™, Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere! This is the time of the year in which many of us head back home to experience that reunion of love that deserves every effort. This is the time of the year in which we let the weight of our affections lead our hearts to the most fantastic and perfect place: home.

My family and I are going back home for Thanksgiving. On November 11th we are taking a plane to our beloved country, Bolivia, to spend two magical weeks with our Latino family.

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What about you? Are you heading back to that magical place called “home”?


Eliana Tardio is a many times awarded Latino blogger with a strong passion for inclusion and diversity. As the Latina mother of two bilingual children with Down syndrome, Eliana inspires parents to become their children's best advocates and to believe in them and their possibilities regardless of their genetic makeup.

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