You CAN Go Home Again

The author Thomas Wolfe once wrote a book titled You Can’t Go Home Again and people have been riffing off of and changing those words ever since. The title means different things to different people, but primarily it refers to the idea that once you leave a place, it changes and that you can’t go backwards in time.


This is an idea that people of all ages can relate to. Whether you’re a mom going back to visit your childhood home or a high school student going back to visit a grade school, you see and feel the differences. I think it’s also one of the themes of Disney/Pixar’s Finding Dory. Places and people change, but you still need to keep a connection to them.

Finding Dory focuses on the forgetful Dory’s attempts to find her parents. Due to her memory issues, Dory’s journey home is a little different than what most of us experience, but the movie certainly has some helpful advice for all of us.

Don’t Over Plan
When you have kids, it’s easy to over pack and over plan for a trip home. But Dory’s willingness to make it up as she goes along is part of her charm, which is a fabulous family travel tip!

Be Yourself
One of the biggest issues I have when visiting my family or friends from the past is trying to reconcile the person I am now with who I was at different points in my life. This tension can cause me to act in less than stellar ways. If you can remember to just be yourself as opposed to trying to act a certain way, things will go easier. Look, Marlin can’t be Dory and Dory can’t be Marlin, but they both need the other one.

All Family Matters
One of the biggest topics of conversation in Finding Dory has to do with the importance of her “adopted” family. I love the takeaway that both your original family and the families you form on your own are important. Sometimes during the holidays we try to privilege one type or set of family members over another, but Dory teaches us that all our loved ones are special.

Just Keep Swimming!
Dory says it over and over again, but it’s something we all need to hear. Sometimes a difficult situation, a cancelled flight, a flat tire or a family fight have no solution, so all you can do is just keep swimming. When you keep a positive attitude and keep on moving, the situation has a way of resolving itself.

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