11 Hilarious & Horrible Ways Kids Found Out 'the Truth' About Santa

I was 6 when it happened to me. I was excited about Christmas when my older brother gave me a withering look and told me flatly that Santa was just for babies and he wasn't actually real. Older brothers are the worst And I spent the rest of the holiday season in tears and upset. How could my whole world have been a lie? Though, I guess I have to consider myself lucky ... there were other kids who found out in ways that were worse -- much worse. 


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The truth is that for all kids who believe in Santa, there will come a moment when that belief is shaken or broken forever. For some kids, that moment is shocking or sad. For some kids (or at least their parents), that moment can be kind of hilarious. But no matter what, everyone needs to learn the downright sad truth that Santa isn't real someday. I just hope for everyone else's sake, they have an older brother who is more gentle with them!

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Read on for 11 stories about the surprising, embarrassing, and totally hilarious ways that the little kids found out the big truth about Santa Claus. Just keep this list away from kids who are still trying to keep the magic alive. Ho ho ho? More like no, no, no!


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