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15 Stylish DIY Christmas Ornaments You Can Easily Make With the Kids

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Small for Big

Your favorite big-box store, that chic boutique, and the store around the corner all have super cute Christmas tree ornaments, but years down the road, what will you remember about them? (Besides the fact that you got them at the big-box store, that chic boutique, or the store around the corner?)

The sweetest and most treasured ornaments are the ones with a story behind them. So, this year, instead of buying all of your new tree trimmings, make merry memories with the kids by DIYing these adorable (and dare we say, stylish) ornaments. Your Christmas tree will never feel so loved.

Grab your craft box and cozy up by the fire. Here are 15 DIY ornaments you don't want to miss. 

The Swell Designer

2Crayon Drip Ornaments

How pretty are these crayon drip ornaments? Perfect for all those broken crayons you have lying around the house. 

Sew Wrong

3Yarn Ball Ornaments

Your kids -- and your cat -- will love these cozy yarn ball ornaments. And they're sew easy to make! 

Consumer Crafts

5Cinnamon Stick Tree Ornament

These genius cinnamon stick ornaments will look adorable on your tree and make your house smell fantastic. 

Christopher and Tia

6Yarn Wreath Ornaments

You don't need much to make these cute yarn wreath ornaments. Just a small styrofoam wreath, some yarn, and of course, your kiddos. 

Modern Messy Parents

8Washi Tape Star Ornaments

Speaking of stars, it doesn't get much easier than these sweet washi tape star ornaments. Very Scandinavian minimalist. 

Hello Wonderful

9Peg Doll Angel Ornaments

No kid can resist making these peg doll angel ornaments. And no mom can resist hanging them front and center on the tree. 

Easy Peasy and Fun

11Pine Stamped Salt Dough Ornaments

These pretty pine stamped salt dough ornaments may take a little patience on your little one's behalf, but the results are so worth it. 

Fireflies and Mudpies

14Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornaments

Let your child practice her tying and knotting with these sweet scrap ribbon ornaments

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