15 Stylish DIY Christmas Ornaments You Can Easily Make With the Kids

Nicole Fabian-Weber | Nov 24, 2016 Big Kid
Image: Small for Big

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Your favorite big-box store, that chic boutique, and the store around the corner all have super cute Christmas tree ornaments, but years down the road, what will you remember about them? (Besides the fact that you got them at the big-box store, that chic boutique, or the store around the corner?)

The sweetest and most treasured ornaments are the ones with a story behind them. So, this year, instead of buying all of your new tree trimmings, make merry memories with the kids by DIYing these adorable (and dare we say, stylish) ornaments. Your Christmas tree will never feel so loved.

Grab your craft box and cozy up by the fire. Here are 15 DIY ornaments you don't want to miss. 

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