20 Kids' Comic Con Costumes That Totally Stole the Show in New York

Anne Meadows | Oct 10, 2016 Big Kid
20 Kids' Comic Con Costumes That Totally Stole the Show in New York

One of the most amazing things about comic conventions, and New York Comic Con in particular, is that anyone who want to can put on a costume and step into the shoes of their hero, just for the day. No one bats an eyelash at a gender-swapped superhero, and characters that are sworn enemies in their stories can walk together through the aisles of the convention as friends. Everyone appreciates a good costume -- especially if the cosplayer took time for the little details. 

Last weekend at New York Comic Con, we saw so many great costumes -- too many to count. We especially loved the coordinated outfits that friends and families put together so they could work as a group.

If you're looking for a Halloween costume that will allow you and your little ones to let your geek flags fly (but show a little more creativity than a just off-the-rack costume), chech out this round-up of our favorite kid cosplayers. You might get some ideas of how to be the coolest costume crew on the block! 


Image by Anne Meadows for CafeMom

  • Pokemon Family

    Photograph by Anne Meadows for CafeMom

    This colorful group really brought their A-game to New York Comic Con this year! Costume maker Janine came dressed as the Pokemon Vaporean, her son Jorel (yes, he is named after Superman's father) played Pikachu, and granddaughter Anna played Flareon. Friend Lee joins in the fun cosplaying as Yuno Gasai from Future Diary. How cute is this crew!?!

  • Aquaman

    Photograph by Anne Meadows for CafeMom

    Hunter, 5, carries a realistic Trident of Neptune for his cosplay as Aquaman. His fierce stare completes the look. Great job, Hunter!

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  • Return of the Jedi Family

    Photograph by Anne Meadows For CafeMom

    Mom Rocio knew exactly what costume to pick for her 5-month-old Vicente. Since her husband JC cosplays as Boba Fett, it was only natural to put her adorable baby into an Ewok costume, and dress up herself as Leia on Endor. But this wasn't Vicente's first comic convention; he was present last year as a baby bump, when Rocio played Han Solo. A pregnant Han Solo -- too bad we missed that!

  • Barbara Gordon

    Photograph by Anne Meadows for CafeMom

    This sweet little Batgirl takes her costume to the next level by wearing those bright yellow boots -- just like the Superhero Girls version of the character. Who needs heels? When there's crime-fighting to be done, we need a hero ready to go! 

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  • Pokemon Go

    Photograph by Anne Meadows For CafeMom

    Pokemon Go is a game already well known for being ridiculously cute, but this dad and daughter couple really take the cake when it comes to cuteness. Softspoken Ariana, 4, cosplayed Sunday as a Pokemon trainer, while dad Dan played the Pokemon character Snorelax. No one can argue: these two are best like no one ever was!

  • Poison Ivy

    Photograph by Anne Meadows for CafeMom

    It's hard to believe this sweetie would ever be poisonous! Olivia, 7, got some help from mom to nail her Poison Ivy costume down to every last detail: a red wig, green eyeshadow, green ivy drawn on her arms, sparkly green nail polish (and fab shoes), topped off with a perfectly sassy attitude! What's not to love about this little cosplayer? 

  • X-Men Family

    Photograph by Anne Meadows for CafeMom

    What a brilliantly geeky way to incorporate a stroller into a costume! Grayson, 6 months, is dressed as Professor X in Cerebro, the machine that detects mutants. Mom Sharon cosplayed X-Men's Rogue while Dad played Gambit. How's that saying go? The family that cosplays together stays together! 

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  • Ash V. Evil Dead

    Photograph by Anne Meadows for CafeMom

    This little cosplayer won't have any trouble fighting off the Evil Dead series' deadites -- he's packing Ash's "boomstick" in addition to his signature chainsaw arm. Danny, 8, cosplayed as Ash every day of the con this year -- a truely dedicated performance! 

  • Weeping Angels

    Photograph by Anne Meadows For CafeMom

    Anyone who's seen Doctor Who knows to be afraid of the Weeping Angels. The sweet-seeming statues are actually super creepy on the show. Friends Karina and Liv, 10, pulled together these great costumes for the first day of the convention. So creative!

  • BB-8 & Rey

    Photograph by Anne Meadows For CafeMom

    This adorable Star Wars mom and son came to the convention dressed as The Force Awakens' scavenger Rey and fugitive droid BB-8. We love that cute helmet -- perfect for any little ones who might be prone to a bumped head while playing their favorite characters! 

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  • Super Girls!

    Photograph by Anne Meadows for CafeMom

    These ladies weren't playing around -- they were flawless miniature versions of their characters! Sage, 6, dressed as Supergirl (with a super cute shoe choice) while Tesla, 6, cosplayed Wonder Woman (with her classic sheild and sword). No need to fear when these cuties are around to save the day!

  • Magneto's Family

    Photograph by Anne Meadows For CafeMom

    In this X-Men family, uncle Conrad stands in for Magneto (and we're loving his pose). Littles Caitlin, 7, and Justin, 11, play Magneto's children Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, respectively. Justin even brought the cute pizza-loving-pup that his character rescued in the X-Men: Apocalypse movie. A+ for fun props, you guys!

  • "Big 2" Girls

    Photograph by Anne Meadows for CafeMom

    This family isn't in the DC or Marvel camp -- they're in both "big" camps! Naveah, 9, looks perfect as Batman's Harley Quinn, while Aliyana, 10, looks fierce as Batgirl. But let's take a moment to recognize the moxie of little Jaylee: at only 6 years old, she knows even a girl can be Captain America, and how to strike a perfect pose! 

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  • Wonder Woman and a Zombie

    Photograph by Anne Meadows for CafeMom

    Jade, 11, looks dashing here as Wonder Woman, even if her brother Devin, 8, chose a slightly more scary costume, a zombie, with a truly spooky mask. You could totally picture them fighting each other on the cover a comic book, but in real life they were sweet and supportive of each other. An example for us all. 

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