20 Kids' Comic Con Costumes That Totally Stole the Show in New York

One of the most amazing things about comic conventions, and New York Comic Con in particular, is that anyone who want to can put on a costume and step into the shoes of their hero, just for the day. No one bats an eyelash at a gender-swapped superhero, and characters that are sworn enemies in their stories can walk together through the aisles of the convention as friends. Everyone appreciates a good costume -- especially if the cosplayer took time for the little details. 


Last weekend at New York Comic Con, we saw so many great costumes -- too many to count. We especially loved the coordinated outfits that friends and families put together so they could work as a group.

If you're looking for a Halloween costume that will allow you and your little ones to let your geek flags fly (but show a little more creativity than a just off-the-rack costume), chech out this round-up of our favorite kid cosplayers. You might get some ideas of how to be the coolest costume crew on the block! 


Image by Anne Meadows for CafeMom

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