Teachers Police Kids' Lunch Boxes & You Won't Believe What They Confiscated

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When parents pack their children's lunch boxes, most hope that their little guys and gals will eat and enjoy the contents so they can spend the afternoon with full tummies and plenty of energy. So, it's no wonder parents in Durham, Ontario, are upset to learn that, as a result of the district's healthy eating initiative, many students are being denied items packed in their lunches deemed "unhealthy" by teachers who have somehow decided it's better to let the kids go hungry than eat some of these popular items. You won't believe what made the list of unacceptable foods. 


Some of the offending snacks include perennial kid favorites such as Goldfish and animal crackers, granola bars, string cheese, Jell-O, juice boxes, pudding cups, gummy fruit snacks, raisins, chocolate milk, and Sun Chips.

Yikes! What's left, right? As if it weren't bad enough that teachers were confiscating some of these snacks, parents report that the kids also received lectures about unhealthy choices. 

Wow, even if they had the students' best interests at heart, that's really overstepping their boundaries and a move that no doubt left kids embarrassed -- and hungry. 

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It's one thing to discuss the importance of healthy eating in class, but it's another to take food, that's presumably purchased and packed by parents, away from hungry kids.

If this district wants to promote healthy eating, there are plenty of ways to do it. Hand out apples or make fresh fruits and veggies available at snack or lunch time. 

After parents spoke up, Durham District School Board Superintendent Luigia Ayotte issued a statement and explained that there had been a misunderstanding and the choice is still up to parents and students -- as long as the items don't put kids with allergies in danger.  

For families who face financial challenges or time constraints, purchasing organic items can prove pricey and waking up early to whip up homemade kale chips isn't something every parent wants to do in the morning. And let's be honest: Most kids are going to pitch those items in the trash anyway.

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Of course, parents want to make sure their children enjoy a nutritious lunch, but there are days when a bag of crackers is quick and easy, and as long as your kids are eating a well-rounded diet with everything in moderation, it's really not a teacher's job to police their lunch boxes. 


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