'We're Both on the Same Side': 15 Things Teachers Wish Parents Knew

A school teacher's desk with stack of exercise books and apple in left frame. A blackboard in soft focus

Class might be in session for many children, but there are a few notes that aren't going to make a school's monthly newsletter. Between lesson planning and grading homework, teachers are trying to figure out the best way to tackle the academic year and take care of our kids -- and one thing that would really help is making sure everyone is on the same page. And by everyone ... that means us!


No matter how annoyed we are at carpool lines, endless assignments, and buying all those damn school supplies, it's important to remember how real the struggle is for teachers, too. 

Have you ever wondered the thoughts, fears, and frustrations that run through a teacher's mind? Check out these nuggets of info teachers wish all parents knew. 

After all -- knowledge is power. And when it comes to our kids' educations, we're all in this together!

teachers wish parents knew


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