10 Adventures I Want My Daughter to Experience #LikeBelle

I'm someone who loves to travel. I'm also someone who is always up for a great adventure. These are two traits that I hope to instill into all three of my children. I want them to wake up every morning and take the day by the horns and shout, "Today will be a great one!" After all, we all get one go around, right?


That's why, no matter where we go, my husband and I make sure to include something exciting for the entire family. Sure, trips can be relaxing and easy... but those aren't the ones we tend to opt for. Throughout the years, my daughter and her brothers have had the chance to experience some pretty neat things.

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So, why talk adventure now? Because Belle was a princess who lived for adventure. She was brave. She was kind. She was up for anything. She took chances. She walked into situations blindly but courageously.  She fell in love and she fell HARD – all in.

But my most favorite trait about Belle? She gave her all to anything that she did and that trait is absolutely something I want to share with my children. This is a lesson I try to teach them through our everyday adventures.

This summer, when we visited Malta in Europe, my children dove into the Mediterranean Sea over and over again without thinking twice. Like Belle, my daughter was ready to leave her town and see new places. She was ready to take a leap and see what it felt like… even though it was scary.

We also tackled our second Color Vibe 5K as a family. This is always an event that we look forward to because we get SO MESSY and the kids LOVE IT. Like Belle, my children have spirit. They love to have fun and be playful and they have a true love of family. We love to do things together as a family unit. Our team name was the “Sweeney Squad” and the kids just loved it!

Allowing my daughter to canoe alone with her friend while away at Girl Scout Camp was a test for the both of us! But she loved every second of it. Nature adventures are absolutely the most memorable.  Belle always dreamed of adventures. She read one book after another about all the wonderful things that were out there in the world and outside of her small town. I wanted my daughter to actually experience all that there is for her to do and see.

And nothing can take away our fond memories of surfing as a family this spring out in Montauk. Our very first attempt and the children both got up on their boards without any issue! Me on the other hand? Not so much.  How does surfing relate to Belle? Easy! Belle was always so curious. She was always learning. She was constantly growing as a person. My children wanted to learn a new skill this year and we thought that surfing would be a great one to have under their belt!

I think my most favorite part of the year - however - was seeing my daughter perform in several shows with some of her friends at a local theatre. Singing her heart out in front of hundreds of guests without breaking a sweat? Man! What an experience! She made me so proud - over and over again.

Belle sang too, right? But this isn’t what I think of when I think of Natalie on stage. The trait that comes to mind to me is bravery. My daughter is just so brave to go on stage and sing solos and dance in front of hundreds of people. She’s been doing this since she was 8 years old. I was a mouse at 8! Natalie is brave – brave like Belle. Nothing will get in her way when she has a goal in mind. I’m so lucky to be here to watch her soar.

So, what am I hoping to experience with her now that we are heading into back to school season and beyond? I have so many more line items I want to complete!

10 Adventures I Want My Daughter To Experience

  1. Go on a hike as a family.
  2. Write a book.
  3. Travel to Asia.
  4. Enter a competition - cooking / gaming / etc.
  5. Sleepaway camp.
  6. Indoor Skydiving (like her mom)
  7. Swimming with dolphins
  8. Ziplining
  9. Visit Niagara Falls
  10. Hot air balloon ride.

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And don’t forget! Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, the 25th Anniversary Edition, will be available on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere starting September 6th You can order your copy here.

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