How My Daughter Inspires Me to Be More

At the age of 12, I remember not doing much more than reading a few books and hanging out with my best friend. Typical things for a tween back then I suppose. But when I look at my 12 year old daughter, Jaden, I see something much more than “typical.”


My 12 Year Old Inspires Me to Be More

Jaden has an incredible fervor for life. She dreams big and applies herself in whatever way she can to bring those dreams into fruition. As Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast would put it, she wants “more than this provincial life.” And Colby and I want her to have that - and so much more. Jaden inspires us all to want to be more.

When I look at all she has accomplished at her young age, there is no doubt she will make her every dream come true. After suffering from medical issues that threatened to hold her back, she has flourished incredibly over the past couple of years. Her greatest passion is learning in order to further expand her view of the world around here.

Through her love for music, Jaden is able to share her talents and passions with others. Not only has she been diligently working on learning four instruments, but she has also completed four original songs. Considering my own love for writing, this brings me so much pride and joy. To hear her stand in front of a crowd expressing herself through words she has written herself is incredibly humbling and completely mesmerizing.

Not only that, but Jaden has a genuine love for everyone. Those medical issues I mentioned? Several stem from her worry over the health and welfare of others. She has compassion for those around her and believes that there is beauty to be found inside of everyone. Knowing this is a trait I find challenging within myself, I long to have her heart for others.

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