5 Adventures I Want My Daughters to Experience

I hear it all the time from those who don't have daughters: "Aren't girls so calm and gentle? Our boys are so full of adventure!" 


There is a common misconception that girls can't be adventurous, but as the mom of three daughters, I can attest to that not being reality. My daughters--now 8, 5, and 4--are bubbling over with adventure. 

I want to foster this adventurous spirit that I have already observed in them and encourage them to continue making adventures throughout their lives. 

Here are 5 adventures I want my daughters to experience:

1. Build a Butterfly Garden and Observe These Gorgeous Creatures in Their Natural Habitat
This is one my girls can actually already check off their lists, as my husband has led them through building their own butterfly garden for the past several years. 

Not only this, but they have also taken part in raising butterflies from egg through adult. 

The metamorphosis they observe can all take place within the confines of our home and yard, but the entire process instills a sense of adventure and love for learning in my girls, as they take an inside peek into the lives of other creatures. 

2. Climb Trees
This might sound like a small adventure for some, but let me assure you that it's a big deal for a 5-year-old. 

Our oldest was just five when we moved into our current home, and she was delighted to see that we have two huge cherry trees in our front yard and two large maples in the back. 

She took to swinging on the branches and making herself "home" in these trees immediately. 

I will admit that I was probably a bit too scared to climb trees when I was a little girl, but I am excited that my girls are adventurous enough to take on this challenge. 

3. Learn How to Cook Foods From Other Cultures
My husband and I met in Costa Rica back in the early 2000s, and we both have a passion for other cultures. 

One of the best ways to learn about different people groups is to try their food! 

Even better? Learn how to cook it yourself! 

While in Costa Rica last summer, my girls took a cooking class, where they learned how to make Costa Rican empanadas and patacones (a chip-like appetizer made from plantains). 

I can't wait to teach them how to make the traditional Costa Rican breakfast, Gallo Pinto, when they get a little older.

4. Volunteer in Another Country
My husband and I both spent our late teens through our late 20s doing volunteer work in various countries of the world. 

From participating in home building and repair projects in Puerto Rico to cleaning churches in Scotland to translating for medical clinics in Peru to speaking at abstinence education camps in Zimbabwe, we were probably changed more than the people to whom we went to help. 

Neither of us have ever been the same, as these experiences have forever altered our world views. We are now able to see the best in people, in a time when our country and the world landscape is marred with racism, prejudice, and violence.

We want our daughters to know the blessing of serving in other countries as well, as we believe this can be one of the greatest ways for them, too, to learn how to see the best in people. 

5. Meet a President
In April 2015, I had the opportunity to meet President Obama. I never imagined I would get to meet a president face-to-face, and it was a surreal experience. 

It's hard to plan out a meeting with a president, but I would love for my daughters get to experience this adventure for themselves one day too. 

As I've written about in the past, my daughters absolutely love Disney princesses. One of their favorites--and my personal favorite since childhood--is Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Belle was ladylike and beautiful, but she was also adventurous, had a love for learning, and she saw the best in people. While this post is focused on five adventures I want my daughters to experience, these are all character qualities that I want to instill in my daughters! 

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What adventures do you want your daughters to experience?

Erin Odom of The Humbled Homemaker is wife to Will, mommy to a lovely trio of redheaded girls, and a recovering overwhelmed homemaker who encourages, educates and empowers women to live a grace-filled, natural life.

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