10 Adventures I Want my Daughter to Experience

From the second my daughter was born, I knew I was in for the best adventure of my life.  After having 4 sons, a daughter… this tiny, little girl… she just captured my heart from the moment she was placed in my arms. I have always described that very moment in time as the world truly being exactly the way it should. It was perfect. Victoria was finally here.


Everyone told me that having a daughter would be 180 degrees different from having a son. I was prepared for tea parties, doll time and make-believe salon trips. Don’t get me wrong - I’ve gotten that with my Victoria, but I’ve gotten so much more than I ever expected, too. Victoria is and WANTS to be just as adventurous as her older brothers. She’s not the kind of little girl to just sit and observe, she’s in it – full speed and fully engaged. If her brothers are playing baseball, she wants a bat and a ball, too. If her brothers are biking, she wants her tricycle on the street. If her brothers are wrestling, she wants in. If her brothers are running around in the backyard, she’s 2-steps behind them. If her brothers are climbing the monkey bars, she’s asking one of them to help her up. She is, as I’ve often called her, “my little adventure girl.

I hope and pray this never changes because it’s what makes Victoria so special and so unique. Not many little girls grow up with 4 older brothers. It’s what makes Victoria, well… Victoria. She sees the world differently than most little girls because she’s exposed to so much adventure from and with her brothers. She’s a little go-getter. She’s determined. She’s full of energy. She’s just uniquely her… and I think it’s pretty amazing. Just like one of her most favorite Disney characters, Belle… she’s adventurous and wants as much as she can get out of life. It’s a beautiful way to be.

As Victoria gets older- she’s only 3 years old right now- I want to see this love of adventure continue. As Belle wanted “more than this provincial life,” I want that for Victoria, too.

What kinds of adventures would I love Victoria to experience in her lifetime?

  1. I want her to go to college and live on her own for the first time. It’s always a scary adventure to go out on your own, but I want her to know that she can do it.
  2. As much as it will scare me, the adventure of driving. It’s a rite of passage.
  3. The adventure of deep friendships. Friendships are wonderful and crazy and fun adventures. You laugh. You cry. You support each other. I hope she finds a close knit group of friends in her lifetime that she will cherish.
  4. I want her to climb the highest mountains and swim the deepest oceans. As much as it would terrify me, if she wanted to do it, I would support her.
  5. I want her to travel the world and experience new cultures and meet new people. If I’m lucky, she’ll take me with her!
  6. I want her to live in NYC once in her life and experience the hustle and bustle of the best city in the world. A city that her parents fell in love with when they were in their early 20s.
  7. I want her to fall in love. I want her to experience the adventure of completely letting her heart guide her.
  8. I want her to go on an adventure with her brothers someday. Just the 5 of them. Somewhere together and somewhere special. Doing an adventure with her brothers when she’s older is something she’d never forget.
  9. I want her to experience the adventure of having a family.  It’s the best adventure I’ve ever been on in my life and it’s one that I desire for all my children.
  10. I want her to chase her dreams. Wherever they led and regardless of how challenging they may be to make come true, I hope she appreciates the adventure of going after them.

Through all of the adventures I want her to have in this life, which is everything her heart desires and then some… I want her to always stay true to who she is.  And I always want her to know that I’m her biggest supporter and fan (as well as the 5 guys in her life – dad and 4 brothers!). She is (as she loves to know) just like Belle, adventurous to the core.

Who is #LikeBelle in your life?

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